Rainbow Dash Baby Blanket

What a gorgeous blanket (see link below)! I cannot wait to make one of these! I have all kinds of colors running through my head! My daughter would love it in black, pink and white! The stitch is a great stitch too in making blankets for male or female!

What colors would you use?

Rainbow Dash Baby Blanket.


Giveaway for The Pretty in Plaid Glamour4You Crochet Pattern

The lovely Ann from Glamour4You has a new pattern out: The Pretty in Plaid Jacket… and she has given me a copy to give to you! That’s right, one lucky winner will receive the Pretty in Plaid Jacket pattern (not a finished piece)! There are 45 crochet pages helping Ann with her giveaway! There are many chances to win! Make sure you check out what to do here: Starr Creations


The Pretty in Plaid Jacket is a magnificent fashion statement that is a necessity for any wardrobe! This show-stopping jacket will turn heads!! The ability to use any colors will make every jacket a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art! Every part of this jacket is customizable: the length of the jacket; sleeves (make it sleeveless for a Vest!!), the option for a full Hood or a High Collar/Cowl, and even the application of a zipper or buttons!
Ann has added 2 videos to demonstrate how to do the Surface Crochet & how to add the zipper, along with a lot of pictures to help anyone complete this pattern.

My giveaway runs from July 28, 2014 to August 2, 2014.

Have fun and GOOD LUCK!!



Family, Beach and Crochet time…

So we went to Jacksonville, FL to see some family. Great Grandmother Gladys (hubby’s gma), Grandpa Starr, Uncle Doug, 2 great Aunts and their husbands. We had a very nice visit with them, but also got to spend a little time on the beach. Isabelle loved it; Colton not so much! It was a great visit, albeit too short. And of course I got in a little crochet time during the 5-6 hour drive there! We also found a Whataburger (which I have never seen other than in a movie), so we got lunch there on the way home Sunday! They were really good too!!

Houndstooth stitch dishcloth (no specific pattern)

JaxBeach_June2014 (2)

Colton is helping Grandpa push Great Grandmother up to the kitchen table for coffee.

JaxBeach_June2014 (4)

Dinner with the Family Friday night. Uncle Doug, Colton and Isabelle.

JaxBeach_June2014 (5)

Grandpa with Colton on the beach after dinner Friday night.

JaxBeach_June2014 (6)

Colton and his crab walk on the beach. It was pretty hysterical!

JaxBeach_June2014 (8)

Belle playing in the water on Saturday. It was pretty rough so we didn’t stay too long.

JaxBeach_June2014 (9)

Grandpa with both of his boys – Kevin on left and Doug on the right.

JaxBeach_June2014 (10)

Whataburger! What else is there to say?

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Staying cool inside with crochet!

I live in Georgia. That means it is HOT and HUMID! You walk out the door and instantly need another shower! It can also be too hot to crochet during the summer in GA, but that is why I like smaller projects to work on and keep myself sane. And I need that with 4 children at any given time, a husband (whom I adore) and a chihuahua who thinks I gave birth to him! So today I thought I would share a few projects I have done lately that are on the smaller scale, but also fun!


This is the Princess Cozy (think Elsa from Frozen). It works up quickly, and you can use any colors you like to make any princess. This wonderful pattern is from an awesome designer MistyMakes. (Click picture for her FB page.)


This is a cute American Girl inspired skirt designed by a Ravelry friend. You can make it long or short, and the design even has directions for adding beads to the ruffles. Click on picture to take you to Pat’s Ravelry page.

Until next time Friends!

Crochet on…..



Battle of the Stitches!


There is a Battle of the Stitches a Brewing! Some of my favorite crochet designers, we well as others, (10 total) are going head to head using the same stitch to design something new. The theme of “Mother’s Day” is the focus. They will only have 2 weeks to come up with an exciting new design that will be included in a special issue of Too Yarn Cute EMag. Click on the picture above to check out which designers are participating, and who the judges are as well as prizes. So much fun to be had!!

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Love Skulls? Crochet Skulls?

I love crocheting! It has become a great stress reliever as well as a great past time. I love to make items for friends and family, but I also love to test patterns for designers! One of my favorite designers is Ann at Glamour-4-You. She has so many wonderful designs and many incorporate skulls. I have had the pleasure of testing all of her skull patterns. The latest being her skull slippers for the whole family! Here are the ones I made for my 7 yo daughter and my 9month old son. They are adorable!!! You can find the pattern(s) on her website linked above.





Happy New Year 2014 – new beginnings and of course some crochet!!

Ringing out the old of 2013 was so much nicer than ringing out 2012. 2012 was pretty rough as was the first half of 2013. The best thing of course was having my Littlest Boo Colton in May (even if he did put me on bed-rest at the hospital for 4-5 weeks!)
Gratuitous picture of my gorgeous Little Man:

2014 has gone quite well so far! We found a house we have moved into and left what we felt was becoming the hood! My kids will still be in there same schools, so very minor changes for them. We’re in an older established neighborhood which gives a sense of contentment. Sounds weird I know, but kind of reminds me of the neighborhoods I lived in as a kid.

My husbands job is going very well! He loves it and they seem to love him! We actually went to a real Christmas party this year! Fun!! Night out without children! That’s hard to do with a baby and a 7 year old. Thank goodness the teenagers are easy!

I’ve also been crocheting when I get a chance. I have made a few items here and there. Mostly tests for pattern designers, and a couple of custom orders for customers. I know you want to see some pictures!! I also have them listed in my store for StarrCreations. Just click the link!

Image - Dec 23, 2013 14.46.47  Image - Dec 26, 2013 20.27.41  Image - Jan 13, 2014 09.19.25  Image - Nov 22, 2013 17.06.17Strata (4)

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