Family, Beach and Crochet time…

So we went to Jacksonville, FL to see some family. Great Grandmother Gladys (hubby’s gma), Grandpa Starr, Uncle Doug, 2 great Aunts and their husbands. We had a very nice visit with them, but also got to spend a little time on the beach. Isabelle loved it; Colton not so much! It was a great visit, albeit too short. And of course I got in a little crochet time during the 5-6 hour drive there! We also found a Whataburger (which I have never seen other than in a movie), so we got lunch there on the way home Sunday! They were really good too!!

Houndstooth stitch dishcloth (no specific pattern)

JaxBeach_June2014 (2)

Colton is helping Grandpa push Great Grandmother up to the kitchen table for coffee.

JaxBeach_June2014 (4)

Dinner with the Family Friday night. Uncle Doug, Colton and Isabelle.

JaxBeach_June2014 (5)

Grandpa with Colton on the beach after dinner Friday night.

JaxBeach_June2014 (6)

Colton and his crab walk on the beach. It was pretty hysterical!

JaxBeach_June2014 (8)

Belle playing in the water on Saturday. It was pretty rough so we didn’t stay too long.

JaxBeach_June2014 (9)

Grandpa with both of his boys – Kevin on left and Doug on the right.

JaxBeach_June2014 (10)

Whataburger! What else is there to say?

Until next time Friends,