Happy New Year 2014 – new beginnings and of course some crochet!!

Ringing out the old of 2013 was so much nicer than ringing out 2012. 2012 was pretty rough as was the first half of 2013. The best thing of course was having my Littlest Boo Colton in May (even if he did put me on bed-rest at the hospital for 4-5 weeks!)
Gratuitous picture of my gorgeous Little Man:

2014 has gone quite well so far! We found a house we have moved into and left what we felt was becoming the hood! My kids will still be in there same schools, so very minor changes for them. We’re in an older established neighborhood which gives a sense of contentment. Sounds weird I know, but kind of reminds me of the neighborhoods I lived in as a kid.

My husbands job is going very well! He loves it and they seem to love him! We actually went to a real Christmas party this year! Fun!! Night out without children! That’s hard to do with a baby and a 7 year old. Thank goodness the teenagers are easy!

I’ve also been crocheting when I get a chance. I have made a few items here and there. Mostly tests for pattern designers, and a couple of custom orders for customers. I know you want to see some pictures!! I also have them listed in my store for StarrCreations. Just click the link!

Image - Dec 23, 2013 14.46.47  Image - Dec 26, 2013 20.27.41  Image - Jan 13, 2014 09.19.25  Image - Nov 22, 2013 17.06.17Strata (4)

Thanks for stopping by and visiting!

Come back again soon!

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